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EHSQ management

EHSQ management at Nokian Tyres encompasses, for example, quality management, environmental protection, well-being at work, safety management and property protection, and is managed at the Group level. When developing operations, the company aims at solutions that are more advanced than the minimum required by legislation and standards. Our activities follow the principles of sustainable improvement and are based on the social responsibility assumed by the company, as well as the strategic goals of the business. At the same time, Nokian Tyres secures its business, creates added value and enhances its critical success factors: the development, manufacturing and marketing of tyres. We have especially strived to secure the continuity of our manufacturing operations by promoting the EHSQ actions, because by minimising risks and interference, it is possible to ensure cost-efficient production.

Nokian Tyres has a broad view on EHSQ issues. Attention is paid to the entire lifecycle of a product and all activities within the company. Management of EHSQ issues is stressed both in all our own operations and in our distribution chains. In terms of direct competitive advantages, this means safety innovations for tyres. Sustainable safety is an important dimension in research and development activities, as well as the main argument in marketing.

Continuous development

Nokian Tyres continuously improves its EHSQ operations in co-operation with the personnel, occupational health care, authorities and experts. The goal is a safe and efficient working environment that takes into consideration the physical, mental and social well-being of the personnel. The personnel of Nokian Tyres is very active in voluntary improvement of processes, environmental activities and safety at work. The company works towards its goals through, for example, department-specific environmental and safety programmes, ongoing audits and risk management surveys. These offer a starting point for systematic introduction and training of the personnel. The training focuses on, for example, work ability and ergonomics, chemicals safety as well as minimisation of fires and other risks.

Nokian Tyres’ technology policy also supports the achievement of goals. The company invests in the most advanced production technology possible to prevent harmful impacts on the environment and safety.


We have initiated a number of measures at the Nokia factory in the development of safety culture and reduce accidents. The goal is to halve accidents within five years.


2012 ongoing and coming projects

  • Passenger car unit and maintenance department have formed occupational safety committees and taken into use safetyboards
  • All accidents have been investigated
  • All production machinery have gone through risk assessments
  • The rubber industry has launched a specific worksafety card
  • The knowhow of production trainers has been increased
  • Occupational safety management system has been developed and will be implemented at the end of this year
  • Global procedures and working tools are being finalized. These will be implemented at the end of this year


Leading company in the field

The objective of Nokian Tyres is to remain as the leading global company in the sector regarding EHSQ issues. The ‘Safe company, safe tyres’ slogan is an essential part of maintaining the company’s reputation. Social responsibility is an integral part of the Finnish business culture, and we are not willing to compromise the social responsibility in our global activity. The awards and praising estimates given for our company and our products prove to us that our customers and other interest groups also deem quality, safety and environmental issues important. This is why successful development projects are incentives for development in the entire field.


We are a member of FiBS. Finnish Business & Society ry (FiBS) is a network for responsible business, a non-profit societal actor whose purpose is to promote economically, socially and ecologically responsible business in Finland.

Nokian Tyres is the expert in Nordic conditions, and develops safe tyres for changing conditions whilst adhering to green values. Nokian's product line includes summer and winter tyres for cars, SUVs and vans, as well as steering axle tyres, drive axle tyres and trailer tyres for trucks, NOKTOP materials for re-treads, and heavy tyres for agricultural and industrial applications.