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Environmental product development

Sustainable safety

respecting the environment

The cornerstone of product development at Nokian Tyres is to develop tyres for the demanding Nordic conditions. Development is guided by the principle of sustainable safety: the tyre should retain its safety features almost intact despite ageing and wear. In addition, the objective is to reduce the tyre-induced fuel consumption and noise, as well as the road and tyre wear. 

Safety also means developing environmentally friendly products and production technology. Nokian Tyres has been a pioneer in the development of product manufacturing processes utilising the safest chemicals possible. An EU Directive stipulating that high aromatic oils must be abandoned in tyre manufacture will become effective at the beginning of 2010. Nokian Tyres was able to abandon most hazardous substances as early as ten years ago, and the use of hazardous high aromatic oils was terminated altogether at the Nokia factory at the end of 2004. Currently Nokian Tyres uses no poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals. The company’s example has accelerated the use of cleaned, low aromatic oils in tyre manufacture in Europe.

The most important in-use environmental impact of tyres is the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere. With goal-oriented, long-term product development work, Nokian Tyres has succeeded in further lowering the rolling resistance of its new tyres. The average rolling resistance of passenger car winter tyres is nowadays lower than that of summer tyres. This has been achieved by such measures as tread pattern and tread rubber compound development. Furthermore, the company places a continuous focus on reducing tyre noise. Reductions in pass-by noise contribute to general comfort. It has been stated that inside noise in a car affects the driver’s alertness, which, in turn, has an impact on traffic safety. Consequently, reductions in insidenoise can contribute to traffic safety.

Nokian Tyres is the expert in Nordic conditions, and develops safe tyres for changing conditions whilst adhering to green values. Nokian's product line includes summer and winter tyres for cars, SUVs and vans, as well as steering axle tyres, drive axle tyres and trailer tyres for trucks, NOKTOP materials for re-treads, and heavy tyres for agricultural and industrial applications.