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Testing and product development

Testing and product development

Research and development activities are searching for new solutions to enhance retreading materials and tread patterns.

Product development is directed by the R&D philosophy of lasting safety. The range of innovative products is being renewed on a continuous basis. Lasting safety also means that Nokian Noktop brand treads are developed to be optimal for local road and traffic conditions and for the special needs of drivers.

Approximately half of the expenditure on product development is on testing products. Products intended for demanding northern conditions must be tested in a genuine environment. Nokian Tyres owns a 660-hectare test centre in Ivalo, Northern Finland, where winter products are tested for about five months of the year. The Ivalo track is used for braking and acceleration tests and for testing the driving characteristics and grip properties of tyres on snow and ice.

Nokian Noktop tread patterns are constantly being tested in conditions where the grip and durability of treads are really put through their paces. These treads meet ice, snow, slush, water, wear ruts roughened by studs, not to mention the different road surfaces from gravel to asphalt and concrete. The data from these tests have been filtered to create gripping and durable rubber compounds and tread patterns appropriate for different purposes.
Testing at Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the expert in Nordic conditions, and develops safe tyres for changing conditions whilst adhering to green values. Nokian's product line includes summer and winter tyres for cars, SUVs and vans, as well as steering axle tyres, drive axle tyres and trailer tyres for trucks, NOKTOP materials for re-treads, and heavy tyres for agricultural and industrial applications.